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Welcome to Mystical Exotic Sabah Borneo with its Tropical Rainforest, Unexplored coastline and deserted beaches.

North Borneo Biostation Resort is Patterned as vocation Balinese Style Villas sited on 7 acres of secluded seafront property facing the Sulu Seas. Surrounded by coconut palm and tropical forest.

The resort has kilometers of secluded beaches with white sand and intriguing Rock formations.

The Coral Reef is just 200 meters away offshore. Climate is one of the best among the tropical countries. It is neither nor humid and rainy season is not pronounced and long.

The Resort is located only 10 minutes away from the local airport and less than 15 minutes from Kudat Town Centre. Kudat has a beautiful 18 holes golf course which is easily accessible.

Biostation means The Tropical Resort welcomes not only Tourist but also Scientists from all over the World to use its facilities for the Research in biology, Ecology, Hydro physics and other fields’ earth and Ocean. Scientist really do have something to explore here and truly believe that this scientific neighborhood will bring additional benefits to its Guests.

This is an Ideal Place for nature lovers who wants to indulge into Nature free of annoying crowds, importunate TV news and show….. just let your soul unwind and Rest at the Exotic Biostation Resort….. which awaits YOU!

This personalized and customized designed and build by Eastern European who put heart and soul in this Vocation Resort Villas is going into retirement and is looking for like minded Investors to takeover the entire Resort at a Price of US.2.75 million or the nearest offer.

For more details, please contact Exclusive Resort Property Agent Mr Jegan at HP: +60198102826 or email us at

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